Thomas Augustine Judge CM

Founder of the Missionary Cenacle Family

Thomas Augustine Judge was ordained a priest in the Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians) in 1899.

As a member of the Vincentian preaching band, he constantly met many good men and women who were mature, zealous, and generous in the living of their faith.

He sought then out and spoke privately with them inviting them to ‘do more for Jesus.’

He called them to daily holiness and inspired them with a deep trust in the Holy Spirit. He spoke about their ‘daily providence’ and of being in places and circumstances where no one else would ever be. Fr. Judge formed them as ‘lay missionaries.’ He invited them to meet together with him and called this group the Missionary Cenacle.

In their everyday life, they were to reach out to other Catholics who were becoming indifferent to their faith, to new immigrants being seduced into other traditions, to Catholics in invalid marriages, and children being raised with no religious foundation. He spoke to them about the number of people who would never be reached if they did not help. They were to reach out to the faithful on the margins, the poor and the abandoned. Eventually, out of these apostolic men and women would come a congregation of women religious; the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, and a congregation of men both priests and brothers known as the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity. A fourth group also developed known as the Blessed Trinity Institute. These four groups today form the Missionary Cenacle Family.

Until his death, Fr. Thomas A Judge worked tirelessly to develop the lay apostolate. He desired every Catholic be a missionary’ in the ‘providence of their everyday life.’ Even though the development of the Institute and the two religious congregations (men and women) came about, Fr. Judge’s passion remained the development of an apostolic laity who would work tirelessly with people in the preservation of their faith.

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